Praiseworthy loves Ramps and Rampit UK!

The same way riders love their local skateparks, Praiseworthy loves Ramps!
Ramps has always been part of the family and over the last year it has become the home of praiseworthy, the base of operations and more!
So it’s only right that we support some riders who put their heart and soul into riding and keep the local scene popping.
Praiseworthy has been involved with Rampit UK from day one.
Rampit UK are a team of Professional / Intermediate riders that visit skateparks all over UK & Europe. Founded by Ian Laughton and helped run by his son Kai Laughton (pro rider), Rampit UK have gone from going out themselves to support skateparks and events off their own back to being in high demand for skateparks and event organisers to book and make their events a good one, Kai laughton can be found turning up to skateparks accompanied by other Rampit & Praiseworthy riders such as Dante Hutchinson (previous world champ), Jamie Addison (currently 2nd in UK) and many more.
You can follow Rampit UK’s journey on Instagram @RampitUK and their new page that is to help and inspire the amateur riders on the scene @Rampit360 , be sure to keep up to date as Praiseworthy and Rampit UK always have something in the works.

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